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Osteopathy Service in Newbury

With a clinic based at the Berkshire Holistic Health Centre in Newbury, Mark offers an osteopathy service which can help you to recover from a multitude of aches, pains and muscular discomforts. Although Osteopaths are known for treating back pains, Mark approaches all conditions with a gentle touch to help you not only recover but prevent issues from cropping up again. All treatments are tailor-made to the patients needs to help encourage development and recovery.


As a registered member of  The General Osteopathic Council (GOSC), when you seek osteopathic treatment, there are no safer or more gentle hands than Marks.

Sports Recovery In Newbury

Being active in sports can lead to injuries, our Newbury based sports recovery clinic can help you overcome these injuries and allow you to focus on what the sport you partake in. It can be contact, none contact or general running and fitness related sports, injuries can occur for many reasons. Specialising in recovery, Mark can help you overcome injuries even if they’re long term or reoccurring ones with a managed recovery plan. Sports recovery is one thing, preventing further injuries is a must and something Mark will help with to ensure you don’t continue to suffer from long-standing injuries.

Osteopathy in Newbury

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