Osteopath Andover

Osteopathy in Andover

Our exceptionally high quality osteopath clinic in Andover is open to all who are seeking treatment for a range of problems such as muscles, joints, ligaments and other soft tissues. Whether you have an idea of what it is which may be causing you discomfort and are looking for treatment or are seeking professional help, Mark has over 8 years experience in diagnosing, treating and preventing health problems within the osteopathy field.


With a very gentle but hands on approach, treatment can be executed as a one off or on a consultation basis, helping you to get back to your active best.

Sports And Other Injuries

Being active with sports is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy but it does come with it’s risks. If you’ve picked up a football injury, tennis injury or any other type of sports injury, Mark can help to treat and strength you from the injury. Our Andover clinic has helped many individuals recover from muscle niggles, knocks and generic injuries whilst giving you the confidence to continue doing the sports you love without the fear of the injury being a reoccurring issue.

Osteopath In Andover

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