“I have been a patient of Marks’ for over a year. During that time Mark has successfully treated my Achilles’ tendinitis and chronic lower back pain with utmost professionalism, caring, and compassion. I highly recommend Mark.”


NJL, Basingstoke

“I was able to get immediate initial relief from the pain, and could finally stand up straight. Throughout the whole process Mark explained everything, and I found that really helpful.”


Steve S, Basingstoke

“Being a mid forties stressed out desk jockey that spends 10 hours a day in front of a computer screen, I was getting an ever increasing level of pain from my right shoulder and neck. Painkillers were doing nothing much so I went to see Mark Stockwell at the Stockbridge Osteopathic Practice. I quickly found that he has an amazing pair of hands that somehow zoom straight to the source of pain and gave me serious relief. Over just a few visits, he made a huge difference to my sore muscles, stiff neck and back joints and general “chair shaped” body.


I now go back occasionally for a short ‘maintenance’ visit and that keeps everything nicely under control. I have no hesitation in recommending him to all my friends.”


DH, Andover

“Taking up triathlon when you are approaching 60 inevitably has its disadvantages, so keeping your body strong and injury free in order to maintain a good level of fitness all year is paramount. However when injury occurs, having a local osteopath that you can trust to administer effective treatment is just as important. When I sustained a grade 2 tear in my calf muscle, I attended several sessions of massage and ultra-sound treatment with Mark and together with strengthening exercises, I was back to almost 100% fitness in 8 weeks, having been told initially that it would take at least 3-4 months!


Thank you Mark for all your help, expertise and advice and I look forward to your continued support during my triathlon career and beyond!”


JT, Member of the GB Age Group Triathlon Team

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